Music for Hotels

Delivering an exceptional guest experience is crucial for the success or any lifestyle, luxury, or boutique hotel. Today’s discerning guests expect more than just comfort, they crave a unique atmosphere that makes them feel secure, comfortable, and part of a welcoming community.

Why Music Matters

Music is a fundamental element of the hotel guest experience. Thoughtfully curated background music can transform your hotel's ambiance, helping guests relax and enjoy their stay. At Bespoke Sound, we specialize in creating custom music experiences tailored to your hotel's brand identity and guest profile.

Our Services

Custom Soundtracks

We offer long-form, custom-curated playlists designed for different areas of your hotel, ensuring a cohesive and enjoyable atmosphere throughout. Our playlists are licensed for commercial use and are regularly updated to keep the music fresh and relevant.

Original Compositions

Enhance your brand with one-of-a-kind music compositions that resonate with your guests and reflect your hotel's unique character.

Brand Audio Profiles

Our detailed audio profiles cover your hotel's style, guest demographics, culture, and geography, providing a comprehensive guide to creating the perfect musical environment.

Brand Playlists

Use our curated playlists for digital marketing initiatives such as social media and email campaigns to engage your audience and boost brand recognition.

Music Supervision

Let us help you find the perfect music for your video or media projects, ensuring your hotel's brand story is well-represented.

Event Programming

We also offer event programming services to help you host unforgettable shows and events, enhancing the guest experience and fostering a sense of community.

Case Study: Harmony Hotel

Harmony Projects, a boutique hotel group in Costa Rica, has collaborated with Bespoke Sound for over a decade to develop and maintain their Sonic Identity. This partnership has significantly enhanced their guest experience and become a core part of their brand.

“The music Bespoke Sound designs for us is a big part of our hotel guest experience and a pillar of the brand.”

Andres Fernandez, Managing Director, Harmony Projects

Boost Your Brand Recognition

Working with Bespoke Sound can increase your brand recognition by 96% with our custom-curated music solutions. We are more than just a music provider; we are your partners in creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests.

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