Thai Shop Pop-up at ZONAMACO with Grupo Habita and Design Hotels

Last week in Mexico City, Bespoke Sound had the pleasure of collaborating with Grupo Habita and Design Hotels on their special pop-up event at the international art fair, ZONAMACO. 

The "Thai Shop" pop-up featured the culinary brilliance of Berlin's Dalad Kambhu and Mexico City's Enid Velez, and brought together art, food, music, and hospitality into an immersive experience that engaged all the senses. 

To complement the bold flavors of the event with just the right musical vibe, we curated a unique blend of global sounds that transcended borders. The eclectic selection included underground Thai Funk and Mexican Electronica tracks, downtempo coolness and a distinct CDMX vibe. 

Have a listen to the playlist below: