Hotel Clermont

Atlanta’s #1 boutique hotel, a trendy and stylish meeting place.

Built in Atlanta in 1924, Hotel Clermont has been a host to many characters and events– most good, some bad, all interesting. A few years back, the place was nearly razed until some visionaries stepped in and lovingly restored it, keeping all of it's memories in tact.

The hotel team partnered with Bespoke Sound to design a music identity that would work as a soundtrack for the guests' festivities, whether enjoying a festive dinner at their restaurant, Tiny Lou's, or a rooftop drink after peeking into the (unaffiliated) oldest strip club in Atlanta downstairs.

The Brief

The brief was to create a sophisticated, timeless, yet casual beachside vibe. As Brian Wilson as it is Bossa Nova, as Talkie Walkie as it is Trojan Records. Cosmopolitan, a bit funky, and always inspired by local culture.

The music makes a creative director from New York or LA feel comfortable among their tribe and at home in this jungle beachside paradise. Built around a detailed discussion about the brand, the guests, and goals, and further informed by a site visit, research, and proposal, Bespoke Sound got to work. 

If you're looking for a "bespoke" service that provides an experience that you could never get from a large music provider, these are your people! 

Grace Mendez, General Manager, Hotel Clermont

The Results

During the curation process, we collected inputs from other DJs and tastemakers from Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, Cumbia and Reggae crate diggers, and the Harmony staff themselves. Contemporary underground and heritage Latin American music was woven throughout the playlists to create an undeniable feeling of location and exploration.

With Costa Rica halfway between Mexico in the north and Argentina in the south, it acts as the perfect collection point for some of the most exciting and timeless music from the region. The music was considered for over 10 different criteria, including genre, era, origin, key, cultural context, lyrics, and more, then sorted based on location, time of day, and vibe. Each song was hand-selected for time of day, day of week, location, and mood, resulting in over 80 hours of music and 1,500 songs. 

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