Le Pigalle

Since its inception, Le Pigalle has become a neighborhood beacon of urban chic and cultural authenticity, embodying the vibrant history of its namesake Parisian neighborhood. Offering a unique blend of street culture and style, Le Pigalle delivers an immersive experience that resonates with nostalgia and modernity.

The Challenge

Le Pigalle aimed to enrich its eclectic environment with a musical experience that captured its distinctive blend of street style and sophistication. The goal was to unify the brand with a cohesive musical atmosphere that reflected the neighborhood's unique charm and cultural richness.

Our Approach

At Bespoke Sound, we embraced the challenge of crafting a unique soundtrack for Le Pigalle. Our process was comprehensive and personalized, ensuring the music captured the essence of Le Pigalle’s identity and ambiance. We began with in-depth research into Le Pigalle’s history, brand values, and guest preferences. Immersing ourselves in the local culture, we explored the neighborhood's evolution and contemporary vibe, leveraging insights from the local team who knew the places, people, and stories that bring Pigalle alive. 


By blending diverse musical styles and deeply connecting with the local culture, we have created a sonic environment that enhances Le Pigalle’s unique character. The result is an immersive musical journey that reflects the elegance and street vibe of its Parisian roots, providing guests with a memorable and transformative experience. Local artists, shopkeepers, and restaurant owners contribute to the vibrant atmosphere, making Le Pigalle an authentic neighborhood hub. This is Pigalle!

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Listen to the Sound of 

Le Pigalle


Le Pigalle

The Brief

Bespoke truly understands the essence of our neighbourhood hotel with their carefully crafted playlists for Le Pigalle in Paris. As the beating heart of Pigalle, a neighbourhood known for its mythical and frenetic energy, Le Pigalle embodies the vibrant mix of bad boys, artists, musicians, and adventurers that define the area. Bespoke's playlist design for Le Pigalle is a harmonious blend of nostalgia, creativity, and community that enriches the guest experience and elevates the cultural identity of this neighbourhood gem. Their thoughtful curation truly enhances the overall ambiance and vibe of the hotel, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers seeking an immersive and soulful experience in the heart of Pigalle. Xavier Hue General Manager - Le Pigalle

The Results

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