Mini-golf for grown ups, craft cocktails, & curated cuisine.

Puttery is a quickly-growing mini-golf experience with locations in hip neighborhoods around the country. Soundtracking it all is the best of Hop-Hop and its forebears, rocking the party all night long.

The Brief

Expectations can vary widely when you tell your friends you're going mini-golfing on a Friday night.

Puttery's team understood the role music would play in setting the right experience for their guests, so they tapped us to design a collection of music that would enhance the fun-loving atmosphere, inspiring guests to move, drink, dance, and laugh.

"Our experience requires lots of motion. Every time I visit our venues guests are moving to the beat, singing, dancing and having a great time. The atmosphere we’ve created through sound has helped us differentiate ourselves from competitors, and has been the foundation for what we’re trying to accomplish as a higher end entertainment venue."

Evan Bruno, Head of Strategic Marketing & Partnerships, Puttery

The Results

Puttery's vibe is built around classic Hip-Hop from the 90s and 2000s, touching upon regional gems from the various cities where Puttery has locations. But the vibe expands from there, honoring the crate-digging expertise of Hip-Hop's creators by mixing in the funk, soul, and other songs they sampled, then, as the night progresses, transitions into the party-starting expanse that sits between Hip-Hop and House music.

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