The Vanderbilt

Funky irreverent soul in a classical stylish Victorian Mansion.

The Vanderbilt, in the historic sailing town of Newport, Rhode Island, recently underwent a major renovation and was looking for a music partner to complement their new design.

We designed a collection of music that takes inspiration from this historic mansion's rebellious original owner, the businessman Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt.

The Brief

The Vanderbilt mansion carries a lot of history and the team fully embrace this, while putting a cheeky spin on it.

Moody old world still life paintings were commissioned to be hung throughout the hotel, and the decor invites guests into a sophisticated whimsey. It's classic but irreverent. Rumor has it that the original owner would host parties and secret rendezvous on the property. That spirit lives on in the Vanderbilt today, a cabinet of curiosity come to life.

"Bespoke Sound’s music curation brought our hotel to life. After we underwent a complete redesign, the music was the final and invaluable piece to the puzzle. It was the element that tied everything together and now allows our guests to have a full-sensory experience when they stay with us or dine at our restaurants."

– Kari Costas, Experience Coordinator, Auberge Resorts

The Results

The Vanderbilt's vibe is funky and fun, groovy and interesting, lighthearted and accessible. Genres range from 70s AM Rock and Yacht Rock to Pysch Rock, 70s Funk, quirky Soul, and eclectic grooves.

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