Music for Business. Remastered.

At Bespoke Sound, we're obsessed with telling brand stories through music. We design highly curated soundtracks that inspire and delight guests around the world, before, during, and after their visit.

Step into our studio...


We learn everything we can about your business– your story, spaces, guests, team, local community, aesthetics, values, and more. All of this informs your custom-designed music identity.


We provide a comprehensive music identity plan, complete with breakdown of different styles and genres and samples. Our process is highly collaborative and responsive to make sure the music’s right for you.


When ready, we launch your new music strategy on-site. We handle all delivery, scheduling, licensing, and training. We are always, we mean always, available for creative or technical support. It’s all capped off by ongoing optimization and regular music updates.

A tone for every zone

We specialize in boutique hospitality businesses, and weave together a cohesive music identity across all space types:






Spa & Wellness

Every project includes: 

  • Your unique Music Identity Profile
  • Custom-tailored music for multiple spaces, locations, and times of day
  • Collaboration with local & international DJs
  • Ongoing regular music refreshes
  • Five-star, high-touch support
  • Ridiculously easy industry-leading tech
  • Worry-free licensing

"Bespoke Sound’s music curation brought our hotel to life. After we underwent a complete redesign, the music was the final and invaluable piece to the puzzle.

It is the element that ties everything together and allows our guests to have a full-sensory experience when they stay with us or dine at our restaurants."

Kari Costas
Experience Coordinator
Auberge Resorts

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