As a holistic, end-to-end music partner, we provide a range of services to help you elevate your brand with music.

Sonic Identity

A complete guide that articulates your sound in detail and sets clear brand standards for music across channels.
Our robust discovery process is designed to paint a comprehensive picture of your brand. We go deep to understand everything from your brand story, aesthetics, and design, guest profiles and key activities, to the sense of place, geography, and historical context. We then synthesize your brand into sound and deliver a sonic identity brand book & inspiration playlist showcasing it all.

Atmospheric Music Curation

Custom-curated music for your property, tailored to provide the perfect soundtrack for each space, time of day, and key activities.
Informed by a deep understanding of your brand and each individual property, our global team of DJs curate thoughtful selections that create an immersive ambiance. We go far beyond other providers to offer an elevated music experience that will inspire and delight guests. 

Music Supervision

High-quality music supervision for digital marketing.
A cohesive sound is vital to creating an immersive brand experience. We source high-quality, on-brand music for use in video content like social ads, social posts and reels, websites, and more. We work with your creative teams to understand the project and inform our music sourcing.We then apply our your brand’s Sonic Identity to select different soundtrack options for your creative.

Spotify Branding

Unique branded playlists that extend and optimize guest engagement.
Spotify is an often-overlooked yet powerful marketing channel. We help brands leverage Spotify with unique branded playlists that are easily shareable with guests before, during, and after their stay across digital and physical channels.

Talent Network

Access to our global network of artists and DJs.
We offer our clients exclusive access to our deep network of DJs and performers around the world, for their live music events, DJ sets, or immersive experiences. Let us connect you with the coolest artists in town and take your next event to the next level. 

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Our Philosophy

At Bespoke Sound, we partner with discerning hospitality brands
to create compelling guest experiences through music.

Our expansive musical know-how, passion for hospitality, and robust creative process enable us to deeply understand your brand, guests, and atmosphere.

Soundtracking the Perfect Brand Experience
Our global network of DJs and artists have a deep knowledge of genres from around the world and across decades and subcultures, and the sensitivity to weave eclectic, hand-selected mixes that enliven your spaces and bring your brand to life.

Collaborating as a True Partner
We pair our world-class music curation with industry-leading client service, making it easy to implement amazing music to give your business a competitive edge.

We design exceptional musical identities and experiences that deeply resonate with your guests.

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