Curator Spotlight: Fergus / Methods of Mellow

Name, Project Name: Fergus Ewbank / Methods of Mellow
DJ, Label Head, Radio Show Host, Event Producer
Styles: Soul, Disco, Balearic Rock, 70s/80s Oddities, Leftfield Pop
Places: London

Meet Bespoke Sound Curator Fergus Ewbank. The London-based DJ and Methods of Mellow Label Head’s expansive knowledge of music has been tapped by dozens of hospitality brands, with over a decade of DJ experience, much of that as a Music Curator.

When making playlists for clients, Fergus likes the challenge of giving people music that has just enough spark of recognition without being either the obvious choice or something way too out there. “The best kind of playlist is one that reminds you of all the tracks and artists you'd previously forgotten.”

Fergus’s playlist below features some of his favorite tracks right now as well as some that connect the dots nicely. “This is the kind of music I'd love to hear if I was a diner in a lively restaurant or sitting in the corner of dimly lit bar– the sort of music that makes you want to stay for an extra drink or two.” The key to making a great playlist or music selection for a client is creating a consistent yet varied set of music that can be put on shuffle and any sequence would work as a mix. Once again, Fergus knocks it out of the park with this one. Enjoy!

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