Curator Spotlight: Getty Rene

Name: Getty Rene
DJ, Radio Show Host, Set Designer
Styles: House, Hip-Hop, eclectic party music
Places: New York

In this edition of our Curator Spotlight series, we connect with Getty Rene, a Brooklyn-based DJ with a fun-loving eclectic taste.

Getty Rene grew up in a traditional Haitian Home in the DC Area and started her music curation journey early. At a young age, she would make mixtapes and burn CDs for neighbors and classmates on the playground. With much encouragement from her record collecting mother, she got her first set of turntables at age 13 and hasn’t stopped since.

She’s held several residencies at clubs in and around Brooklyn playing spaning styles like House, Techno, Soul, & Funk for over a decade. During the Pandemic, Getty started a radio show entitled Isolation FM blending music across genres without missing a beat.

Getty is also a skilled set designer and prop stylist for several well-known brands, giving her a unique perspective on how sound, space, and design come together to create a vibe that is approachable for all audiences.

This playlist is a reflection of collected moods from constant travel these last few months. Discombobulated yet somehow finding your flow no matter where the day takes you.

The excitement she gets from putting people on to new music or opening them up to genres that they would usually overlook is what’s drawn her to music curation. Getty’s goal is to broaden your horizons and make you do a little two-step while you’re at it.

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